Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Amazon Underground Apk : Free App Store

Download Amazon Underground Apk Free App Store

Amazon has made a great move by the announcement of Amazon underground in order to fight with Google,where Amazon underground offers its Android all-in-one app offering free downloads of paid apps on a permanent basis.Amazon underground is an free app that has feature of premium apps and and games for free.If your had an unlimited lives levels just upgrade the limited app and you get premium with this app.In Amazon Underground all games are of free of cost.No more waiting for lifes and time,and no more paying of money for extra features.

Underground is already famous for its more use of limited availability free apps,and its completly a disruptive model.The consept of Amazon Underground is unacceptable.Rather of paying end user or the app is damaged with advertisements,The app itself pay commission to developers depends upon the amount of time users spend on the apps.

By using Amazon Underground you can download in demanded paid apps for free like Goat Simulator,Office Suite Pro 8,DuckTales etc.And the games like Angry Birds Stella,Frozen free Fall and star wars rebels which are already available as free of cost.There are Hundreds of apps which are tittled from top developers like Disney,Gameloft,Rovio entertainment,and many more.

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If you have an Smartphone in your pocket,download the amazon underground app from amazon web site.Vendors already has an access to this great app.On another side it's an offer that sounds too good to be true.As Amazon puts the statement "To be clear,we're the one picking up those per-minute charges so for you it's simply free"

Amazon Underground App Installation:

In order to install this great app on your device,Android mobiles requires to enable the Unknown sources setting.For more information,go and enable Unknown Sources.This Apk is designed by the developers in such a way that it is compatible with all Android versions.While installing Amazon Underground app,your smartphone shows a notification showing that the app will get access to sending mobile messages,and that may cost your money.This time mobile verification is only used by the Amazon Underground app in choosen areas and is not required if you have an account on Amazon.

To install Amazon Underground app on your Smartphone,visit the special link mentioned below.After downloading is completed,open you notification view,and then tap on Amazon file to start the installation process.Almost done that's it,now you can browse the App Store to download many apps and games.

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Drawback of Amazon Underground:

First of all,we've warned time and and again that sideloading app is a bad idea,you have to switch is on manually because of 96% of Android malware,and therefore nearly all mobile malware across platforms,comes from sideloaded Android apps.

Secondly there's no privacy factor.we've asked Amazon to explain how exactly it plans to monitor use of these actually free apps.Sounds like there must be some sort of tracking mechanism that wouldn't be in the version on the playstore.If thats the case,essentially what Amazon is offering is a bunch of spyware-ridden warez,albeit non maliciously.

Thirdly,this model could have developers out of pocket.As one mobile developer we asked put it:"That sounds like a terrible idea that will fail miserably.The majority of paid apps get used a handful of times are forgotten.App developers wont want this.They want the instant cash from the purchase.

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Final Words:

Right now,however it has attracted some big names for launch including Sega,Rovio and Disney.But this is bussiness Right.Smaller developers may find themselves pushed out because they simply can't afford to develop to these tiny margins.


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