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5 Best App Lockers For Android 2016 | HelpingGeeks

Famous File Locker android apps. Protect your files with these functions

Most of the people uses Android mobiles because of its best features and every thing in Android phones can be managed by using Apps.According to the research Android users are increasing day by day which gives the possitive signals towards the Android Smartphones.Because of increasing in Android users the android is providing the best security to the users.And users can manage to hide the apps,images,files and some personal stuff by using the below mentined applications,users can lock the apps to avoid other users to use.The applications mentioned below are used for locking your personal files.The files locked inside this applications are password protected and hence its hidden from other users.

Android іѕ undoubtedly оnе оf thе mоѕt popular аnd widely uѕеd smartphone operating system. It соmеѕ wіth tons оf unique features making іt оnе оf thе mоѕt loved operating systems ever. However, Security оf thе smartphone іѕ оnе aspect whеrе Android lags bеhіnd іtѕ competitors. Thоugh Android phones соmе inbuilt wіth basic security options аnd аllоwѕ thе user tо add а passcode tо lock thе lock screen, уеt іt lacks а lot оf advanced ones.

In general people uses apps according to their use.sometimes we get a situation where we need to hide (or) lock some apps,hide multimedia,contacts to avoid others to see our data.Some of the apps gives this features to lock all your perosnal  data

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Best features of app lockers Applications :

  • Hiding of Multimedia data that means Images,videos,Gallery etc 
  • Hiding of the contacts from other users by using contact of App locker
  • Hiding of call logs,some personal apps mainly hiding of games from children.

Based on Google information we are showing Famous File Lockers in Android Apps.

List of Best 5 App Lockers for Android Apps:

App Lock:

Applock apk
Applock is well-know apk to lock the apps as it has more than 100 million people are using around the world.Applock can hide or lock the other apps in your mobile like messages,gmail,gallary and hide other setting options.And also app lock can hide all your personal pictures,videos and other files.

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After installing the Applock Apk run the Applock and it prompts to set a password to protect it from others and ask to enter your mail ID to recover the password in case if you forget.

Download : Applock

Smart App Lock:

Smart app lock
Smart app lock is a different quality competitor for app lock. With some wise features. It also have same features to lock the apps and in addition multimedia records. In extra to it. Sensible App lock can’t be uninstall by using the opposite users. Only admin has a right to uninstall it. It’s a high-quality function in intelligent app lock. Considering if any app lock is uninstalled it leaves from android gadget and confined apps and multimedia documents are by and large noticeable.

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Easy to use of it indicates just three tabs with named apps media and contacts. By just click on on unique tab person can hide all the information historic media, contacts and apps. However the drawbacks is smart app lock will not be ad free.Only the users who uses fully activation Smart App Lock has this feature to disable the ads.

Download : Smart App Lock

Advanced Protection :

AppLock Advanced Protecction
From the Developers of Applock its an new app with new features to lock the apps,media and contacts and finally named it as advanced protection.Devlopers build this app with some more better features.The main feature of Advanced Protection is that other users cannot uninstall it too see the hidden media,contacts and apps.While using this app the user must enable the advanced options in settings to enalbe hide uninstall options of advanced protection.

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Advanced Protection Apk is designed in such a way that it has a compatability to work on all android versions. and also the best thing is it is available in Playstores for free.

Download : Advanced Protection Apk.

Apps Lock and Gallery Hider:

AppsLock & Gallery Hider APK
At first AppsLock & Gallery Hider is a complete full secure app to hide all the data from mobile.Comparing to other apps it can hide the settings,task manager,force stop,Micro Sd card and also the incoming calls.Only the user of Appslock & Gallery Hider can see the incoming call

Apps Lock & Gallery Hider is designed by Migital which is available in free versions also and it is compatible with all Android Versions.

Download : AppsLock & Gallery Hider

Visidon App Lock:

Visidon App lock APK
While comparing to other Apps every App is best for its specific feature.Visidon App lock also have some specific features.Visidon App Lock can recognize teh user in three to four angles.also can protect the apps,contacts and multimedia files with alternate password.

But the main drawback of Visidon App Lock is that it is incompatable with latest verisons of lollipoop.and the user interface is very low.Due to this drawbacks Visidon App Lock didn't became much popular.

Download : Visidon App Lock.

Final Words: 

We hope this article helped you in finding the best Applocks for your Android Smartphone according to Specified features.Select any Applock mentioned from 5 best applocks and protect your personal infromation from other users.If you are facing any problems in Downloading these apps,feel free to message us in comment section.If you liked the post don't forget to share !


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