Thursday, 15 September 2016

Mr Number Call Block:Phone Number Blocking App

Mr Number Call Block:Block A Phone Number

Have you ever tired of receiving calls or text messages from a particular person or company, Call Number with Mr. Number app you can block calls and SMS with ease.Mr.Nuber is a powerfull application for Android in blocking all unwanted and spam calls and text messages.Mr. Number makes it easy to block unwanted calls, identify & stop spam and look up unknown phone numbers. - Block calls and texts from one person, an area code or the entire world. - Stop telemarketers and debet collectors and helps you not to waste your time.Mr. Number Call Block is a free downloadable application for the Android phone that allows you to block calls and SMS.Mr.Number not only blocks the calls but also helps to identify and to stop the spam.

Mr. Number uses a single block list to block calls and SMS. It can also block partial numbers, like code prefixes, and whole area codes.Mr. Number lets you control how each number is blocked. Some numbers you don't want to hear from at all, while others you might prefer to have go to voicemail.Mr. Number applies SMS blocking to whatever numbers are in your blocklist. You can control this feature from the settings menu.

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Every one hates cell phone spam call,no one enjoys it especially aggressive telemarketing call and texts while you're on the go.Even though if you list your cellphone number on the do not call registry that doesn't stop telemarketing text messages,even phone calls in our experience.If you want to block all telemarketing text and calls you have an option.You can use the following app which helps to cutdown all spam calls.It Even has a special option that you can browse comments from other users when you get a spam calls or text which make the user to attract more.
mr. number-block calls & spam

How To Block Unknown Numbers:

Sometimes it very hard to block an unknown or blocked telephone number.In case if you block all unknown numbers,sometimes even govermental agencies or other companies can be.If you still want to block such numbers with any problem install the free app called "Mr.Number".
mr.number text call & block

Mr.Number text call & block : Mr. Number-block calls & spam

This free app allows you to control who may call you and what phone numbers should be blocked.In addition,you can even block telemarketing text messages and keep you out of spam messages.Mr.Number is compatable with all kind of Android versions and requires a small storage of 6MB.
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Features Of Mr Nuber Block:

  • Blocks all spam calls and texts from one person,an area code or the entire world.
  • Automatic lookup for caller recent numbers so that it wil be easier to know who to block.
  • Reports spam calls and text messages and even warn other users.
  • Blocks telemarketers and bebet collectors before they waste your time.
  • Intersepts calls from private/unknown numbers and hand up or send to voice mail.
  • It has a option called Reverse Look up which gives you detailed info about who's calling.
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Final Words:

Mr. Call Number Block is the perfect application to have if you receive calls without stops advertising without interest or if you do not want to be harassed by someone. Mr. Number makes easier to stop all unwanted calls, identify & stops spam and look up unknown phone numbers.Mr.Number offers great spam filtering option with a database of known spam numbers and it can automatically block potensial spam.Hence you have any problem regarding installation of this file leave a comment in comment section.If you like the Prompt us by sharing it !


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