Thursday, 1 September 2016

Download Whatsapp Sniffer APK Latest-HelpingGeeks

Are you a user of Whatsapp? Then beware of your privacy, as whatsapp sniffer apk is ready to sneak in to your conversation on whatsapp if you are on the same wifi connection. Confused? let me clear.

Whatsapp Sniffer apk : Who don’t know WhatsApp in Android applications world? If you are an Android user then you will not ask this silly question no way. But if you are not an Android user or a beginner Android user then let me give you an introduction about WhatsApp. It is a messaging and a free chatting app which have almost conquered and replaced the local messaging services in civilized countries of the world. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS packages as we usually do with our mobile phones.

Whatsapp is very popular application for smartphones that has been in use to chat, send Messages and share pictures or even videos with friends. Your chats are not secured on whatsapp, because it transmits the message in plain text. Anyone on the same wifi network and having whatsapp sniffer apk installed is able to sneak into your whatsapp text and catch your stuff like private videos or messages.

Whatsapp Sniffer Android App:

Your private chats that took place on your WhatsApp messaging app are not secured because a new Android application called “WhatsApp Sniffer” is a tricky app that can steal your private chats, audios and even videos. Are you scared? Not, why because the WhatsApp sniffer have no idea about your password? No, it is not about password but let me tell you what WhatsApp sniffer does?

Top Trend:

If you have a WiFi connection at your home and that WiFi connection is being used by many fellows in your home. Now, here WhatsApp Sniffer work like awesome, if your family members use WhatsApp and you want to know the chats, audios, and videos of your family members from the app. Whatsapp sniffer app allows you to receive the text messages, audios, and videos from the phones that uses the same WiFi with you. You can read the article one how to hack WiFi password to get access to your girlfriend’s WiFi to find the chats of her on WhatsApp.

How Does whatsapp sniffer apk works:

The security of the WhatsApp App is that the conversation between you and your friends will travel in the form of plain text, and so it can be easily sniffed or sneaked by any user on the same Wifi Connection with this WhatsApp Sniffer App. In the earlier days, the users will not be able to access the data that is transmitted over WhatsApp, but with the invention of the tools like this, the users can sniff the conversations in just a few steps and just seconds. The app can easily capture the pictures, text or even the videos via the TCP Dump tool that will be able to filter all the stuff or content on the same wifi connection or network.

All that required using this sniffer app is that your Android device should be rooted. So, if you device is rooted, you can undoubtedly install this app on your device and sniff the conversations, and there is no risk in it. You can easily download the conversations from the hundreds of WhatsApp accounts, and you will not be detected too. This app uses various levels of proxies as well as spoofs by itself on to the servers as a root user, which is one of the big advantages to the sniffers.

Do you know the features of Whatsapp Sniffer?

  • It is a tool for rooted devices.
  • Whatsapp sniffer can allow to reading for whatsapp conversation on the exact Wi-Fi connention.
  • As well as possible to catch conversation, images, videos, incoming and outgoing messages, change profile picture, change profile status also possible to chat with victum and more.
Whatsapp sniffer download for PC also access this app, because we download Whatsapp in desktop and laptop also, the Wi-Fi connection we use in similar network. Who are using Whatsapp they should be aware of their privacy because some incident are accure in this messenger app. whatsapp sniffer download v3.3 version is presently available to install. whatsapp sniffer download free to use then enjoy. Necessary Whatsapp Sniffer hack download for Whatsapp world wide users. You can also download Whatapp sniffer for PC.

How to Get the WhatsApp Sniffer APK for Your Device?

If you have the rooted device, then you can search for the latest version of the Whatsapp sniffer apk app from the trusted sources and check for the compatibility. If everything is fine, you can download the Apk into your device and install it in the proper way as you install the other apps. Launch the app and start using it on the users of the same Wifi network if you want to have fun with another download Whatsapp Sniffer apk latest version from Below

Final Words:

This Article is about Educational Purpose Only We Never Encourage users to spy on others whatsapp account. Its Against to Whatsapp Policy. Using this app at User’s Own Risk.Try for fun only, or to avoid any miss use of your wifi connection and always respect others privacy.If you have problem regarding in installation drop your comment in comment section.


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